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Sponsors for 2018

DJ Safety, Inc :

     DJ Safety, Inc has been a sponsor on the Hughes Auto Tech race team 14 years. They are a leading safety engineering and manufacturing corporation which designs and produces safety equipment for a variety of industries including Aerospace, Aviation, Film, Racing, and Theme Parks.


A.E.D. Motorsport Products :
     A.E.D Motorsport Products are a brand new sponsor for the 2017 season. Since 1995, AED Motorsport Products has been supplying the motorsports and performance equipment industries with high quality metals. Their goals are quite simple, provide outstanding service that meets or exceeds their customer expectations and maintain an inventory of products/materials to service the fabrication of race cars, tools, equipments, and other high performance parts.
Jockish Flowers :
     Jockish Flowers has been a sponsor on the Hughes Auto Tech race team for 4 years. Rooted in Southside Indianapolis, Jockish Flowers is a household name among the community and local businesses alike. Family owned and operated, Jockish sets the golden standard through customer satisfaction and consistently stunning displays, baskets, and stonework. With an array of colors, flowers and arrangements, customization is affordable and easy for any occasion.
Weichert Realtors - Tralee Properties :
     Weichert Realtors - Tralee Properties has been a sponsor on the Hughes Auto Tech Race team for 5 years. Located in Greenwood, IN, they are set to service Indianapolis through Whiteland with fast and amazing customer service. They specialize in getting your home sold and or finding your the house of your dreams.
Columbus Hose and Fittings 812-379-2746 :
     Columbus Hose and Fitting has been a sponsor on the Hughes Auto Tech race team for 6 years. Located just off of State Street in Columbus, Indiana, they service Columbus with all of their hose and fitting needs. They are a small shop with astonishing customer service.
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